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FuturePod - Episode 17: Getting Ahead of Trends


In 2004 I discovered strategic foresight when I was looking for a better way to develop strategy. What I found was scenarios and my career path ever since has been spent trying to perfect that method. In this podcast I explain my approach to scenarios, in particular, my focus on the combination of structure and creativity to ensure that no participant is left behind. Towards the end of the podcast I explain the philosophy behind my inaugural book, Rethinking Strategy.

Our Post Materialistic Future - TEDxDarwin

Presented at TEDxDarwin in August 2011, this speech explains how the emergence of Post Materialistic values is driving a fundamental shift in how we perceive consumption, time, status and success.


These re-perceptions, assisted by the trio of trends - Resource Awareness, Decline of Want, and Lifestyle Dissonance - will have a vast impact on Australian society in the future.


This new paradigm stands to be the greatest driver of social change in Australia over the coming decades.

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