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‘A unique strategic outlook is a business asset’

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Business Strategy

Steve works collaboratively with clients to design new and distinct strategies for the future.


His innovative approach to strategy focuses on strategic transformation and distinctiveness:


Strategic Transformation – re-positioning your business for the future


Strategic Distinctiveness – generating a strategy that differentiates you from competitors

International Recognition

Steve’s inclusive process accelerates organisational learning and has been recognised by the 2013 Arts Portfolio Leadership Awards for Leadership in Collaboration.


His unique approach has been recognised internationally as a recipient of an Honorable Recognition in the annual Richard Goodman Strategic Planning Awards.

Comprehensive Strategic Design

Steve designs a strategic outlook that includes the four essential elements of strategy:


1. Strategic Reasoning – Developing future scenarios to reframe how you see your industry’s future


2. Strategic Positioning – Aligning your business with emerging market dynamics


3. Strategic Objectives – Outlining business priorities, actions and timelines


4. Strategic Triggers – Providing a scanning framework that ensures sensitivity to early signals of future change.


Examples of Steve’s innovative strategic approach can be found here


Contact Steve to collaborate and co-design your future strategy

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