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Seize opportunity from uncertainty

Steve Tighe is a leading business strategist, author and speaker on the future, strategy and innovation

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In this ground-breaking book, author and strategist Steve Tighe shows you how to anticipate and benefit from emerging market shifts and free your organisation from a cycle of disruption and response.

Learn how to:
  • anticipate impending market shifts before they emerge

  • slow down change by making the future familiar

  • unlock the entrepreneurial talent that lies within your organisation

  • mobilise an army of internal advocates to drive strategy execution

  • embed foresight into your planning and innovation processes.

This books equips you with key strategies that help you see patterns in chaos and make the most of business opportunities. Tighe’s writing style is accessible, informative and inspiring. As an organisational psychologist I have found myself looking at the future in a whole new way. Thanks Steve!

- Professor Lea Waters, President International Positive Psychology Association and author of The Strength Switch


Steve Tighe collaborates with clients to design new and distinct strategies that position your business for the future.

"The strategy process was rigorous, collaborative and dynamic. Steve did an exceptional job leading our diverse and geographically dispersed network." 

- Victorian Public Library Network – 'What is a public library in 2030?'

"Steve provided a presentation that had the whole group engaged and one that made everyone re-frame the lens through which they viewed the future." 

- Judith Slocombe, CEO, Alannah and Madeline Foundation

A compelling speaker with a unique ability to express key insights in an engaging and entertaining fashion.


Steve offers a range of futures workshops to uncover the significant emerging trends in your industry, and the strategic and innovation opportunities for your business.


"Steve’s impactful presentation catapulted the NAB Community Partnership & Sponsorship team beyond the paradigm in which they operate today through his meaningful perspective on the future." 

- Kara Rodden, Director, Spot Innovation

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